Our Concrete Products

Our concrete business line offers a wide range of products and provides the highest quality service for its customers all over the country.

In recent years our concrete products have contributed to the construction of several buildings and thus proved their reliability. Examples include the Megyeri bridge, subway stations at Szt. Gellért and Fővám squares as a part of subway line M4 or the Palace of Arts and the National Theatre of Budapest. 

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Both traditional and special (for instance sulphate resistant, watertight or abrasion resistant) concrete types are manufactured in our cement factories in accordance with up-to-date international regulations and standards, thus guaranteeing their excellent quality and value.

In addition to its manufacture, the transport of ready-mixed concrete to construction sites and concrete pumping are also part of our services.

Recommended application of our concrete products:

Sandy gravel stabilized with concrete for building roadbeds

Recommended concrete type:


Blind concretes, non load bearing and non reinforced layers, roadbeds

Recommended concrete type:



Strip foundation on hard ground, curb foundation, fence, footing, concrete block filling, floor structure without heating. Available for reinforcing and pumping.

Recommended concrete type:


Reinforced and non-reinforced sheets, basement walls, covered pavements and driveways, garage floors, drainage channel beds, footings, fences, load bearing external walls, wreaths, monolithic beams and slabs, concrete for beamed ceilings, floor structures for floor heating, industrial floors for moderate load bearing, concrete block filling, columns, pillars, pools, reservoirs, reinforced balcony sheets and steps. Pumpable quality.

Recommended concrete type:


Reinforced and non-reinforced sheets interacting with aggressive ground-water, basement walls, salted and frost resistant pavements, driveways, parking garage floors, drainage channels, frost resistant footings and fences, load bearing external walls, wreaths, monolithic beams and slabs, concrete for beamed ceilings, industrial hall floors and airport runways for more abrasive load bearing, columns, pillars, pools, water and sewage containers, reinforced balcony sheets and steps. Pumpable quality.

Recommended concrete type: