Pricelists of Concrete Plants

The Concrete Business Line of DDC has a country wide presence, and offers several concrete product types. Beside general ready-mixed concrete products we have possibilities to create in our concrete plants unique concretes as well.

Special concrete types:

Filtering concretes, shotcretes, underwater concretes, industrial floor concretes, retarded concretes, sulphate resistant concretes, self compacting concretes, exposed concretes, self-levelling estrich concretes.

Specific concrete types:

Steel fibre reinforced concretes, plastic fibre reinfored concretes, industrial floor concretes, water tight concretes, acid resistant concretes, LIAPOR heat-insulating concretes, heat-insulating foam concretes, easy compacting concretes, radiation shielding and heavyweight concretes.


More information about DDC concrete products

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